Sweater Progress

Well, I am not making out as well as Kara with our sweater knit along.  I really should not be surprised.  I was trying to create a masterpiece with no pattern.  Major fail for me.  I was about 11 inches into my KAL when I realized that I could fit into the sweater with another person.  Literally.  So, I am waiting for the actual pattern.  Brilliant idea.VFK13_COLORBLOCK_01_medium

Fortunately, I found a pattern I was dying to knit.  The pattern is in the Vogue Knitting Fall edition, Raglan Sleeve pullover by Laura Zukaite.photo[7]

The yarn is Manos Del Uruguay Serena, and it’s beautiful.  photo[5]

I hope to be back knitting and on track soon!  How are your sweaters coming along?  Please send in or upload your photos so we can share with everyone!


9 Comments on “Sweater Progress

  1. That is a beautiful sweater! Wish I could pull off both knitting and wearing that (lol knitting I could probably do would just take forever. the pulling off the wearing would be a completely different issue)

  2. Oh wow, that new pattern you’re working on is drop dead gorgeous! I love Laura’s patterns, they are always so chic and very cool. It’s going to look amazing on you!

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