Rigmor for Brooklyn

I bound off and blocked Rigmor last Friday. Total project time was 6 days, but I didn’t touch it for 3 out of the 6.  I’m really happy with this project minus the one mistake front and center — I’ll let you see if you can find it, otherwise if you don’t see it, then it doesn’t exist!  I think it’s still a bit too big for Brooklyn but she’s growin’ like a weed so soon enough she’ll fill it right out.

192A3271 192A3279            192A3286 192A3285  192A3291

Pattern: Rigmor
Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Sock (held double)
Color: Fragrant
Needlesize: US 7
Ravelry project

You have until tomorrow night at midnight (eastern standard time) to enter our giveaway and join our knit along!


10 Comments on “Rigmor for Brooklyn

  1. Ooops! It does exist, but looks great and I probably would not have found it if you had not mentioned it. When Brooklyn wears it, everyone will be looking at her smile and will not even see any issue with the sweater. ;-)

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