WIP: To pass the time

I have some new furniture ordered from Kloter Farms in Ellington.  The sofas will take 6-10 weeks to come in.  So in order to make the weeks speed by, I decided to knit a afghan to match.  I chose to knit Wool Leaves by Jared Flood.

Kara and Betsy have made this for baby blankets a number of times and they highly recommended the pattern.  Quick, easy and stunning.  I am doubling both the width and length.  Hoping for a large curl up on my comfy sofas kind of afghan.  IMG_8562 IMG_8563 IMG_8564 IMG_8566This yarn is Shibui Staccatio – 70% merino and 30% silk.

The pattern is very quick moving.  I am holding this double and knitting on size 11 needles.  I made this much progress in one evening.  I think I will be able to complete before the sofas arrive.

17 Comments on “WIP: To pass the time

  1. I have had my eye on that pattern for a while – that is going to be so pretty! It’ll be fun to see the final picture on your new sofa!

  2. very awesome!! i love the the color. Although the “wip” always sends shivers down my spine. i try not to use that at home as that is a term used at the work place of myself and my husband in this “bank that cannot fail” that we both work at.

  3. Welcome back!! I’d almost given up on Nice and Knit!! Love the pattern and color, and thanks for the KF shout out!

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