Brooklyn Love

One of the comments to my post on Monday mentioned how much Brooklyn has grown so much since the last time I had posted pictures. Considering it’s been well over a month since I posted them — you’re right she has and she’s still growing like a weed.  As of yesterday, I think I’m even feeling her very first tooth starting to come through. Her very sad tears have supported this theory too, but I suppose only time will really tell.

Of course I have been taking an exorbitant amount of photos so I thought I’d share a few (ok, maybe more) with you…photo(15)

photo(14)  photo(13)   photo(16)

photo(12)gKmTGiYXEOa2uDi-W5FH8LwVT7BRPWl6t-vW9Zq8Tso photo(11)




and then there is this…it can make any bad day, better.  I challenge you to try and watch it without laughing along  – I don’t think it’s possible. I could watch this a million times over and still never get sick of it.

I am beyond lucky and so full of love for this little girl.  I am a very happy mommy!

4 Comments on “Brooklyn Love

  1. Oh my gosh!! Those are wonderful pictures. Brooklyn is just beautiful!!! Keep ’em comin’! (Always a fan of your blog, but today was extra special.)

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