Work in Progress

Good Morning!  Summertime is in full swing around our house, we are going at break-neck speeds everywhere and nowhere all at once.  I did find time to sneak in a yarn shop run and pick up a little something for myself.  I am knitting Tracery by Norah Gaughan in Berroco Maya in Yellow.  Love this pattern, love this yarn.  It is 85% pima cotton with 15% baby alpaca.  Very nice & perfect for summer, now I just need to finish it before fall!patternThe pattern called for size 8 straight needles, which I never use.  So, I wondered what I was missing and why the pattern calls specifically for the straight needles, so I picked up a pair.  I learned that I am a circular needle knitter.  The straights are fine, but I am constantly looking for my missing needle.  I even brought my knitting to the dentist while waiting for my boys appointment, and forgot one needle!! One hour of precious knitting time wasted!  I also think that you can “look” your progress over with circular much easier.  I am committed to finishing the front with the straight and then I switch for the rest of the pattern.  Can’t wait.  Which needles do you prefer?  Do you ever use straight?

needlesIMG_8539I also purchased this beautiful new knitting bag from Jenna Rose.  Tanis of Tanis Fiber Arts blogged about her studio awhile back and I just had to grab this!  IMG_8535

8 Comments on “Work in Progress

  1. What a beautiful pattern and I love the colour of the wool. Looking forward to seeing it when you finish. Just gorgeous. thanks for sharing Marie

  2. That bag is so pretty- even better in person! I’m so glad you are back to posting. And now I think you’ve helped me solve the issue of what yarn to use for a baby blanket I want to start. Berroco Maya looks just right!

  3. I NEVER use straight needles anymore. And now that I know magic loop I don’t even use double pointed. It is true, you never lose your other needle. It just seems so very … contained.

  4. Oh my goodness….LOVE that knitting bag!
    One the issue of straight vs circular the only time I even pick up up a straight needle is when I need double points! Circulars make life so much easier!

  5. I knit with circulars a lot because I knit whilst travelling and in public places. At home, I like using straight needles as it’s a luxury to have the space. But then I find no-one can sit next to me as I poke them with the ends. So I revert to circulars!

    Love the colour of the yarn and the pattern.

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