Got the Blues

July is blueberry month and they are very tasty this year!  Last weekend our happy little family of 3 went Blueberry picking!  The picking was quick and easy, which was good because the weather was HOT – almost 100 degrees! The berries were juicy and sweet with a touch of tartness – just right!


In honor of blueberry month, I have a new blue project on the needles! The pattern is called Chance of Showers and I am thinking that this will be just the right sweater to grab on days where they predict a chance of showers, but even more importantly I think this will be just the right sweater to grab on just about any day!

One of my favorite things about it is the shaping on the back. It adds a really interesting detail to otherwise simple stockinette.  So far the pattern is easy, but if you’re a very new knitter you may want to save this project for later.192A2086

Overall, it’s going surprisingly fast. I’ve given myself a deadline of July 31 to finish it and I think it’s going to happen.  Each night I knit as I put Brooklyn down to sleep and sometimes when it’s time for a nap.  She likes to play with the cord of the needles and lets the yarn slip through her fingers and toes. It’s becoming one of my favorite times of day.  I hope she loves to knit someday.

photo-6 photo-5


11 Comments on “Got the Blues

  1. So nice to see a new post from you! Brooklyn has grown so much from the last pictures! What yarn are you using? It looks soft and light. That is going to be a nice sweater in your wardrobe!

    • Thanks! I am using Grignasco – Springfield. It’s a DK weight. I really like the feel of it. I’m a little concerned how it’ll drape after blocking and if it’ll be right for this pattern but Katie assures me that it’ll be great :)

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  3. I was just going to say the same thing about Brookie, Kara. Exceptional for sure! I love this post… Any post with my little girlie in it is perfect.

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