Ideas for Dad

Father’s day is soon! Soon, as in 10 days away from today. Don’t forget!

Need a great gift because you’ve got a great dad? How about some pottery?  I have a really great dad who just so happens to be a very talented potter in his limited spare time.  He enjoys “throwing pots”, and mugs, and bowls, and pitchers and then wood-firing them in his kiln. It’s a true work of art and even though I am biased because I love my dad, they’re beautiful.  There’s plenty of time to order before Father’s day so check out their Etsy shop for some new pots that were fired over the Memorial Day weekend.


Mugs are good, cuz Dads love coffee.

bowl4 bowl3 vase bowl1bowl2 ohata1


6 Comments on “Ideas for Dad

  1. His work is exceptional!! Even though the pictures of his pieces are lovely, they don’t do them justice. We’ve ordered 2 knitting bowls and a mug. My knitting bowl is one of my favorite things. I always get compliments on how pretty it is. The quality is impressive. They are truly pieces of art. He ships them with great care too. I can’t say enough about them. I can see why you’re so proud of your dad! He is very talented!

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