Lovely Lilacs

Where have we been?  Man, time flies. I owe you a lengthy post with a lot of updates! So much has been happening, more than I could probably remember to fit into a single post. I guess that means I’ll have to post more frequently! I know we keep saying it — pretty soon we’ll start living it.

Here’s a glimpse at what has been taking up most of my time these days


Bet you thought you were going to see a baby in that picture huh?  Ok, here’s one for ya!

image_1 photoimage

That was more than one…oops. I could go on for days.

Brooklyn is doing really great. She is still such a great baby and tolerates her mother very well! We have been very busy between moving into a new house and working, but “Brookie” just goes along for the ride with very few complaints.  We are so lucky and very much in love.

I am doing some of my working hours from home (our new home) and I love it.  Last week while sitting in my new office letting the warm breeze come through the window, I caught a whiff of these beauties.


Turns out I have a lovely lilac bush right outside my office window.  And speaking of Lilacs…I was asked to test knit a beautiful bonnet called Lilacs.  The pattern comes from Knitted Bliss (a favorite of ours) and will be released soon.  See the original Lilacs here.




Brooklyn knew she looked pretty cute in it, maybe because I told her so about 50 times while taking these pictures. Once it’s released, download it. Make it. It’s a quick, easy, enjoyable knit and makes a great gift!

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