Sweet Mint Tea


I have a new favorite drink, next to coffee that is.  Sweet mint tea.  I’ve been drinking it by the gallon.  I simmer a large amount of mint in a pot with regular tea bags for a couple hours, then add a bit of powdered sweet iced tea mix.  (I know it is not specific, but you get the idea)  The combo is perfection and so refreshing!icedteahouseThe weather has been beyond beautiful this week, even yesterdays rain was welcomed.  I completed my planting for the front yard (I’m hoping for no late frosts :)  lantanabegoniaurnsPink begonias & yellow lantana were purchased at Cabin Hill Nursery in Ellington CT.

6 Comments on “Sweet Mint Tea

  1. You got some of your plants in Ellington? I am about an hour away,in East Hampton. Small world it truly is…p.s.I am envious of you and your sister’s knitting proficiency! I wish I could find the time to put in the effort on such beautiful sweaters. But I need tons of practice first,so I stick to socks and mittens and other smallish things…

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