FO: Spring Tank – Sirin

I am back into the swing of knitting and have a few projects on my needles that have been getting daily attention. It feels good to be knitting again.  I’ve mastered holding Brooklyn in the crook of my arm as she sleeps and while I knit. It makes me excited for the day that I can teach her how!

Last week I finished Sirin which is a spring/summer tank made in a worsted weight yarn.


192A9945             192A9940I really enjoyed this knit because it was quick and the variation in pattern kept things interesting.  I used Spud & Chloe sweater yarn in the sweater weight and waterslide color.



I started this project while I was still pregnant and was really unsure of how it would fit when it was done.  While I’m happy that it fits at all, I’ll be even happier with the fit after we lose a few more baby lbs. Sometimes knitting in the summer slows down because it’s hard to imagine knitting a warm winter sweater in the heat, but if you want to keep your summer knitting going, I’d recommend this knit! Ravelry project here.

15 Comments on “FO: Spring Tank – Sirin

  1. I love that color! Looks so good on you! Nice and springy, too.
    P.s. you have definitely mastered knitting while holding a sleeping Brooklyn – saw it on the plane and was amazed! :)

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