Yes, that is a cheesy title, but it really does describe this post best — ideas I’ve seen on Pinterest that have given me inspiration. Now, I just have to execute, but after collecting these treasures at last night’s auction I am well on my way…I think!


(Sorry ’bout the garbage cans)

So what have I got planned for these goodies?  Let’s label them so you can see!


A – The floor mirror  I’ve been diggin’ these lately.  This one needs nothing but a good cleaning. It’s got some really good aging and is extremely heavy duty. I’ve seen them at HomeGoods for a minimum of $100.  This one I scored for $50. I think I got a deal. Here are just a few I had seen on pinterest that got my wheels turning. (Images are linked if you want to view the original source)

floormirror1 florrmirror2

B & C – Table turned Ottoman – I think I found the exact table as seen in the pin!  What I really like about the upholstered ottomans?  With a toddler in my near-ish future, I like the fact that when she falls and hits her head (because it’s bound to happen) it’ll be a soft landing! No hard table corners to freak over. The total for all 3 tables I got? $40.

ottoman1 ottoman2

D – Window pane mirrors – Again, I found a pretty good option for these.  The color might match the living room or I might end up repainting the panes, but either way…after a quick cleaning and maybe a little paint I’ll have just what I was looking for.  All 4 mirrors were just $30. I really like how it makes the room look larger!


Once we’re all moved into the house and everything is in its rightful place, I’ll share photos of the final pieces!


5 Comments on “Pinspiration

  1. I LOVED your finds. I think Pinterest was one of the best things ever created, because even though we spend an insane amount of time on it (I actually speak for myself) it gives you so many ideas and makes you want to do better. It’s almost like, to justify the time you spend on it pinning, you have to actually put some of that to good use!! Good luck with your project. I’m currently working on removing wallpaper from my dinning room to make a nice chalkboard wall! :)

  2. Awesome finds, Kara! Fun things, not too expensive, that will really jazz up your home!! Reminds me of the sale racks you kids despised when you were little.

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