Ready to cast on…

It has been awhile since I have had any real quality knitting time.  I remember when my boys were little people would tell me that it only gets busier.  I didn’t really believe it then, but now I get it!  IMG_7890

I am super excited to begin a new project though.  A knitwear designer Alicia Plummer asked me to test knit her newest design.  A cardigan, knit in sport weight yarn.  I love Alicia’s fabulous designs and was very excited to be asked to test knit!IMG_7891 copy

I have four-six weeks to complete the sweater, so I need to get crankin’!IMG_7893

I just happened to have some beautiful Plucky Knitter yarn on hand in Primo Sport weight.  The color is called Route 2, and is stunning.  If you have never knit with Plucky yarn – you need to:)  Sign up for Plucky knitter blog updates to be notified of shop updates and buying opportunities.   Sometimes it may take a few weeks to receive your order, but worth the wait!

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