What’s Up

I’ve been a super busy lady lately.  In addition to taking care of baby Brooklyn, we bought a house, starting renovating a house, sold our condo, and I’m still working! Luckily, Brooklyn is a dream…a really great baby who makes her parents very happy. Only thing making me sad these days is the lack of knitting and blogging to go along with it. Bear with me — how about some house and baby pictures for now?

My life in iPhone photos…


Yes, that is a jacuzzi all cut up!  There was an addition built around the jacuzzi so there was no way of getting it out of the house in one piece and a jacuzzi in my kitchen wasn’t really on my list things I wanted in my dream house. The first several photos are the before pictures, the last few (I hope it goes without saying) show some serious progress.  I can’t wait for the floors to be done to show you the after!  We have had a tremendous amount of help and couldn’t do it without it so we appreciate everyone’s help.

I’ve been busy loving this little face too.  Can you tell she’s either sleeping or pretty happy?  This reminds me of one of those “how are you feeling today?” posters


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