Owl Straps

I managed to do some naptime knitting and completed the pair of owl carseat strap covers. They’re a tad big for Brooklyn’s current size setting on the car seat but they’ll fit soon as she fills it out.  The project was extremely quick and easy and they’re much softer than the original pair that came with the car seat. I was able to get them done in just 2 separate napping sessions.  I was happy that I just so happened to have some yarn on hand that matched the carseat perfectly!  The yarn is Malabrigo Arroyo, held double and was done on size 9 needles.

192A9134 192A9135

I have since cast on another pair using my own pattern. As soon as they’re done I’ll post the pattern for you!

Also, for those of you who print off the monthly calendar — the March version will be posted soon. It’s nearly complete, I just need to do a little proofing!  Thanks for your patience — each month seems to just fly by and before I know it, I’m late posting these! I’ll always try to do better, maybe by the time we get to December you’ll have it in advance of the first of the month!

3 Comments on “Owl Straps

  1. Those turned out cute! The yarn was a perfect match! The calendar is worth the wait-thanks for fitting it into your busy days! I keep them at my desk at work. Very lovely to look at!

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