The Clara Dress

I have been the lucky recipient of The Clara Dress. I was so thrilled to receive this because it’s a project I have admired for a few years now.  My sister Betsy made it for me and gave it to me at my shower. Usually when I type her name, I type “Besty”, but it’s just because she’s the best!  Didn’t she do a beautiful job?

All photo credit goes to her too!

shower-5shower-2  shower-6-2  shower   shower-2-2

Thank you so much Betsy, for the beautiful work you put into this. It is and will be treasured! I can’t wait to stick that cute little diaper butt into this thing!

8 Comments on “The Clara Dress

  1. What a beautiful little dress, Betsy. Kara’s little girl will look adorable in it! She’s going to be the best-dressed kid in town!!

  2. if this was displayed anywhere near where i am, i would have bought this in a heartbeat for my daughter Yvaine. :-) So nice!

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