I am the youngest of 5 girls and as all 4 of my sisters will tell you, I was spoiled as a child. But it didn’t only last while I was a child, it continued on into my teens and 20’s. And now that I’m married I continue to be spoiled by my parents, sisters, husband and friends. But boy oh boy — I feel sooooo lucky. I plan to pass some of my spoiling onto baby Stanley, who is already getting more than her fair share!

A week ago Saturday my friends and family hosted a baby shower for me. It was stunning and beyond generous. Words do not describe my thanks and love I have for them and everyone who came. Thank you so so much Katie, Ashley, Betsy, Colleen and Kristen. The next week or so of blog posts are going to be snapshots from the shower and of all the incredible hand-knits I was given. You will be so impressed and inspired by all the talent these ladies have, I know I was left in awe!

First up is a pair of hand knit booties from my sister Katie (a.k.a. Aunt Katie).  Are these not the cutest little pair of shoes you’ve ever seen?




And the dress?  Ok, it couldn’t be anymore perfect! I truly cannot wait to put my little girl into this outfit! 192A5248

Pattern: Spring Breath Booties
Dress: Mini Boden

In other news, my superfly, fancy camera is broken and on it’s way back to Canon for a repair as we speak.  This means I’m 3 weeks from having a baby and no camera on hand to pack into the hospital bag. I’m borderline hyperventilating by the thought of not having it at the hospital with us.  Cross your fingers it returns fully functional in about a week or so and that Baby Stanley doesn’t not arrive before then!

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