Nice & Knit Beanie: Free Hat Pattern

Brrr….it is sooo cold! I have been knitting hats all week, and settled on a pattern I am happy with.img_7417img_7421img_7420This pattern is for a worsted weight yarn, knit on size 8 16″ circular needles.  I used a skein of Madelinetosh Vintage yarn in Chestnut Colorway.  I cast the hat on after dinner last night – it is speedy.  The beanie fits both Kev and I perfect, so a great unisex hat.  Cozy up this weekend and knit this free pattern.  Stay Warm.patterndownload_pattern

39 Comments on “Nice & Knit Beanie: Free Hat Pattern”

  1. Thank you for the pattern. I’ve been looking for a nice hat pattern that might be perfect for my husband (he’s been asking me to make him one since last month). Will give this one a try…so excited!!!

  2. hi just wondering what hat size range you’d say this is, and also how many initial stitches one should add to increase by 1 size? thank you!!

  3. hi i want to make this for my toddler 2yr old, but i’m unsure on the adjusting the size. Can you assist. Thank you.

  4. Hi. LOVE this pattern. It is the first hat I have ever made and it was a snap! I’m a new knitter and was hoping you could tell me how to increase the size of this hat. I’m not sure how and this is not quite big enough for the person I’m making it for.

    • Hi Erin!
      It should be a little bit of a math problem to increase the size. If you want to increase it by 1″ then take a tape measure and see what your gauge is (i.e. how many stitches per inch) and then cast on that number of additional stitches. So if you have 4 stitches to the inch and you want to increase the hat size by 1″ then you can cast on an additional 4 stitches. For this pattern I would recommend trying to keep the additional number of stitches to an even number. Hope this helps!

  5. tried to copy the pattern for the nice & Knit Beanie but it would not copy the hole pattern and was really big what did copy ! I would really like to make this

  6. I’m a beginner. Do I change to 2 double pointed needles or 4? The instructions call for a set of double pointed needles. Thanks.

  7. I’m making this tonight! Hopefully it will look as clean and professional as yours! Also I’d love to know about your Zahner line. Zohner is my maiden name, changed from Zahner a couple generations ago :)

  8. Hi I am a very knew knitter can you please explain the 2nd row on the crown shaping. For the life of me I can’t figure that out. Thanks so much Christi

  9. Thank you very much yes that makes sence. I hope it looks as good as yours when I get finished. Happy New Year to you and yours Christi

  10. I just started knitting in the round this weekend, and was trying to make a hat for my guy, and wasn’t having any luck finding a pattern I thought I was ready for, and that he would actually wear. Also, I already had the needles!! This is perfect!! Thank you!! Also wanted to let you know I found this on Pintrest.

  11. First let me thank you for the hat pattern. I was really excited to find it. I am to the point where you decrease for the crown and I am having a terrible time doing it. I have to put it away for now and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to do it.

  12. What size hat would you say this pattern makes? I’m thinking of trying it for someone with a 21″ head but I don’t see your size here. Any suggestions?

    • The pattern says that it’s finished size is a 20″ circumference and I would agree that it fits a bit more snugly – not a slouchy hat. I might recommend going up a needle size and or adding another repeat around!

  13. This looks awesome! Might try doing a bit more than 6 inches on the base to get more of a slouchy look. Thanks for the pattern!

    • do you have the correct number of stitches before starting your decreases? We haven’t run into this problem before so I’m not sure what is happening other than to think maybe the cast on # was off or somehow stitches were created during knitting?

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  18. HI :) I’m a beginner Knitter and i just wanted to make sure the first 10 rounds were K1 P1 and not K2 P2. Just looks like the latter in the picture. I’m doing K1 P1 and it’s not looking like your brim.

    My husband is very excited for me to make him this hat!


    • Hi Candice,

      Hmmm not sure where it’s going wrong but the picture is k1,p1 not k2,p2. Did you double check your number of cast on stitches? Perhaps you have a different number cast on and it’s off by one stitch and that’s why it’s not lining up maybe?

  19. I love this hat, made it in Madelintosh Vintage Joshua tree. My friend wants one in Charcoal, it is hard to find many colors in my local yarn shops, I was going to order the Leopard on line. Do you think that would be close to Charcoal?

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