After finishing Girasole (yes, I finished it – pictures coming soon), I got to thinking that I haven’t found many patterns that I enjoy knitting more than those done by Brooklyn Tweed.  This lead me to realize I don’t make nearly enough of their patterns, so I started Topiary.  I had purchased the yarn for this project back in September when The Plucky Knitter was doing a shop update*. I am really happy with the yarn and color choice, it should be versatile enough to wear with a lot of different things, including my Contemporary Hat. I wish I had the yarn and the patience to make the large stole version of the topiary pattern because it is so beautiful –  but I don’t, so I am working on the smallest version which is a standard scarf size.


You’ll need to know how to read a knitting chart for this pattern and pay attention because, it’s 27 rows and a 35 stitches across –  not exactly one that you can easily memorize.  You’ll also want to be proficient at cabling, yarn overs, ssk, and k2tog – a great combo of cabling and lace work.


What’s your favorite Brooklyn Tweed Pattern?  I find it really hard to chose, they’re all so beautiful!

*The plucky knitter has a shop update today too! Both Katie and I have worked with their yarn and really love it. But be prepared to wait a few weeks to receive your yarn.  The yarn is dyed to your order so once your order is placed it has to be dyed, dried and then shipped….but it’s worth the wait!

4 Comments on “Topiary

  1. so beautiful! my favourite “tweed” is druid mittens that appeared in vogue knitting a few years back.haven’ t worked up the nerve to do it yet– need more practice with charts– and I want to do it in the called- for j&s yarn,so I want to do it right!

  2. I love his designs but don’t think I’m quite ready for most of them. I have 7 rows left on his Hemlock Ring Throw and love it!! However at this point each row has 568 stitches so it’s slow going.

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