Last day: Winter Hat Knit-along

It’s the last day for out Winter Hat knit along!  The projects are beautiful, and many of you completed more than one hat!  Upload your final photos today and we will post them all tomorrow!

I completed Rosebud by Jared Flood this weekend, I am very happy with the result.  hat1 hat2Lately, Ryan is growing at a very rapid rate!  I really wanted a photo before he is taller than I am.  My 10 year old is becoming a young man.  I love my boys and I am so thankful for them all.  Sometimes I need to take a step back and try to remember how great they really are, even though they are non-stop action and keep me running around like a mad-lady, I wouldn’t want it any other way!

hat3 ry

3 Comments on “Last day: Winter Hat Knit-along

  1. Ryan knows it could be costly to pass his Grandma in height. $1 per day in penalty fees for the rest of my life, so he may want to rethink this tall stuff ;-).
    Your hat looks nice Katie. It fits well also!

  2. All the hats look awesome. I am still working on mine (fisher cable). College finals and this little thing called work got in my way all week long. Great job to everyone else though.

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