Sweater Fail, Pillow Success

They say that when life hands you lemons, you should make lemonade. Well, I’ve decided to apply that to knitting… When knitting hands you a failed sweater, make a pillow! Ok, I know that doesn’t sound quite as catchy but it works. Don’t just throw your failed projects away, or let them sit in a bin as if you’ll ever go back and fix them. You won’t. My Aidez sweater I was knitting for our knit-along turned into an epic fail on my part. I don’t really know where my brain was when knitting but it had a multitude of errors not limited to:

– a wrong way crossing cable on the back
– Being off 5+ stitches between the two sleeves
– topped off by making two left fronts instead of one left and one right

From there I just couldn’t recover so I frogged a bit to square off the pieces and made a pillow!

It’s still not without errors, but truth be told – I might get more use out of this pillow than the sweater!

I am, on the other hand, very happy with the yarn choice. I used Plymouth Select Worsted Merino Superwash and it knit up nicer than I expected it to, quite frankly. I have plenty left over for our next Knit-along project!

7 Comments on “Sweater Fail, Pillow Success

  1. That is SUCH a good idea. So many half-finished sweaters I have laying around that I can’t bear to frog but will never become what they were meant to be! Lovely pillow!

  2. Nice lemonade!! I read your first comment and smiled, then once I got down to the picture, I gasped! LOVE the pillow! Great idea and great job! I wouldn’t consider this a failure AT ALL!!!

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