Knitted Gift: #1

A small change in posting plans today. Instead of sharing some of our knit-along successes and failures, let’s talk Christmas.

I really love to give knitted gifts each Christmas, but I’ve been pretty far behind on getting them started.  This year my plan is to keep things really simple and knit small projects that go quickly but will be loved by the recipient all the same. I have a short list of gifts I plan to work on between now and Christmas, but I am happy to say that I have at least one complete…and I loved it so much, that I cast on another for myself immediately after I finished.

The pattern is called Contemporary and includes a matching cowl as well! My Ravelry project here.

The silver beanie was cast on last Thursday and finished on Saturday.  The brown beanie was cast on Sunday and should be finished in the next couple of days! Already there is much more progress done than what this picture shows. I love how quickly this knits up.

I’m keeping this one for myself and I can’t reveal who the silver one will go to, but I hope they’ll enjoy it.  I highly recommend this as a knitted gift!  The pattern is clearly written, it’s easy to follow and easy to memorize!

7 Comments on “Knitted Gift: #1

  1. Beautiful beanie! Whoever receives the silver one is one lucky ducky ;-). Have fun knitting items for gifts. It’s always special to give something handmade.

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