Giveaway Winner & Rosamund

Our Starbucks gift card winner is:  Katie who wrote:

“Great comment idea! I keep a daily gratitude journal of five things that I’m grateful for each day and it really helps keep my mood up.

Today’s list of things I’m grateful for: 1. The many beautiful sunrises of late. 2. That it’s Friday! 3. That my job’s challenges have evened out to a manageable, but still stimulating, level. 4. That I have another month to finish knitting my grandmother’s birthday scarf. 5. That I have a loving husband to go home to after a long workday.”

I love your idea Katie, I’ve decided to start a gratitude journal on Thanksgiving Day.  My goal is to write one sentence per day for a year.  Thank you for the motivation and for all of your wonderful comments, we all have so much to be thankful for!

I am also excited and thankful that I finished Rosamund’s Cardigan with two days to spare!  You still have today and tomorrow to finish, get those fingers flying!


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