A Really Lucky Guy

Last weekend I had a great time at a beautiful baby shower for what is going to be one lucky guy! Aly’s Mom, Mother-in-law and Sisters-in-law did an absolutely beautiful job with everything  He will be loved by so many, especially his Auntie Kara!

Here’s the full finished sweater I made for him!

The buttons are faux buttons, I sewed a row of snaps behind them, that will make it a little easier on Mom when getting him dressed.

Watch out Aly & Chris, I plan to take full advantage of the 5 or so weeks that I can give your little man my undivided attention before Miss Stanley makes her debut!

6 Comments on “A Really Lucky Guy

  1. so sweet…love to attend this kind of event…. :)
    lovely baby, beautifully decorated room and sweet happy faces.. :)
    very nice…

  2. Thank you, Kara! I am lucky to have you as my best friend. Thank YOU for all your help with everything as well. Baby Boy Skinner is a lucky boy and we will take full advantage of your undivided attention towards him before his girlfriend arrives ;)

  3. Imagine my surprise when i read “Aunt Kara” in your recent post. You and I have the same names similar down to the spelling. :-) Great photos of the shower. I just adore the sweater.

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