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Last week I had posted a picture of 60 Quick Baby Knits and 60 More Quick Baby Knits that I had purchased at Stitches East. A few of you were interested to know what I thought of them – well I think they’re great! And for $12 each for 60 patterns each, it’s not a bad buy.

I can only say I think they’re great because I haven’t actually made a pattern out of one of them, but there are more than just a few that I am dying to cast on. I won’t let myself until I finish Aidez –it’s motivating me!  I mean, look how adorable some of these are!

As far as the patterns go, I’ve read through several of them, and they appear to be well written with clear instructions, but you never really know until you get the yarn on the needles so I’ll let you know.  Now I just need to decide which one I want to cast on first! What’s your vote?

13 Comments on “Book Reviews

  1. I vote for the ruffled pants. I don’t think I have seen a pair of hand knit ones before. They would be cute on “Penelope”. No, that is not her name, that is just what I call her until we all find out what her name is!

  2. They are all adorable, but I love the little green “peapod” sweater with the hood. Whatever you pick will be sweet!

  3. Definitely the sleeper sack, if not now at some point. (Or super sleeper suit as they’re known in our house!) They really are great for knowing that your little one is kept warm all night.

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