Random Updates & a Giveaway

Phew! Happy to see Friday here. It’s a good thing I didn’t promise to post everyday because clearly I fell of the wagon on only Tuesday – sorry about that.  Just some random updates to share for today:

  • Looks like due to Hurricane Sandy Katie will be stranded in Haiti for at least another day or two.  It was a tropical storm when it hit Haiti, but it sounds like it dumped huge amounts of rain on the island and it’s making travel difficult. We miss ya Kate and will be glad to have you home soon!
  • I realized that we never really shared our treasures from Stitches East, so here we go. I think the general consensus is that our favorite purchases of the day came from the String Theory booth. Here’s the total take from all 4 of us that went.  I won’t reveal who bought the majority (I plead the 5th).

My personal stash

And these books — more on these soon. They’re outstanding!

  • As I alluded to it earlier this week, I do have a little somethin’ for you this week – a giveaway!  Before you get too excited…it’s just a pair of dishcloths! I still think that the easiest projects are usually the most functional. All the same, I hope that one lucky reader will enjoy them. Leave a comment about anything you’d like and we’ll pick a winner on Monday!

If you don’t win, then you can easily make these on your own. The pattern is Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth

  •  There WILL be progress made on my Nice and Knit-along project this weekend. I figure if I put that in writing that’s some sort of progress on it’s own, but I expect you to keep me accountable!
  • Enjoy your weekend!

10 Comments on “Random Updates & a Giveaway

  1. It was a fun day and I have loved knitting the yarns I purchased. (More were added after the picture, or was I not supposed to reveal that?)

  2. My family has been using these dishclothes forever! They’re a great project for a beginner – easy & you have a completed project pretty quick. Great gifts too! I haven’t made any new ones for a while. Your picture was like looking at an old friend! :-)

  3. I love the haul; just had my own last week at Rhinebeck. I too plead to the 5th. :D

    I’d be interested also to hear your review on these books. I have one of the other copies 60 More Quick gifts to Knit – 20 Hats, 20 Scarves, 20 Mittens and I love it!

  4. I have just started reading your blog regularly and I thoroughly enjoy it. The projects that you feature are all outstanding and I someday hope to be such a skilled knitter as you both are!

  5. I’m still working up the courage to join a KAL; I want to be able to knit a pair of socks before I venture on to something more demanding. I’ll keep watching and hope to jump in soon.

  6. I love using the dish cloths as washcloths. And they last pretty long. they may get a little ratty but who sees it anyway!! the days are getting cooler here in the high desert of southern cal. A time for knitting gifts for the family and friends. I can’t knit enough. i wish i had 2 or 3 pairs of hands. LOL Blessing to you on this beautiful day!!!

  7. I have made a ton of these dishcloths and have given away most of them. I’ve tried to take over for my mother who can’t see well enough to make them anymore. You don’t need to include me in the “giveaway” but just wanted to mention that they are fun to do and you have a project done in a very short time.

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