Another Finished Knit

I won’t share too many pictures of this finished project quite yet, because you will be seeing it again! I’m picturing the sweetest buttons and a really great outfit to go with this, so once I round those up I’ll post it again as a truly finished project.

The pattern is very good, it’s called Vintage Cardigan.  I haven’t checked my gauge to see how far off I was — but I knit this for a size 3 months but pretty certain this is much too large for a 3 month old baby.  I am thinking it looks more like a 6-9 month size.  Not sure if it’s the pattern or me, but I’ll let ya know!

It is knit up in Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label Aran in Sand.  You might recognize this as the same yarn I had used to make I <3 Aran.  Yup, I had 1 skein + a little more left over. You can see the difference in the two skein colors in the pictures below, but I set it up so that the darker color would be at the bottom of the body and the sleeves and it gives it more of a dip-dyed look. I was as happy with the yarn this time, as I was the first time knitting with it – highly recommended!

The cables on this pattern were just right, because they add a little interest but still allowed for a quick knit that didn’t require too much focus.

Another new project hit the needles last night and will be done in a few days — this time there’s something in it for you, so stay tuned!

5 Comments on “Another Finished Knit

    • Super cute. I’m trying to start (really late I know) 5 christmas sweater. I have big kids to knit for but your pics give me strength to knit on. They may just get vests this year :-)

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