Stitches East

Just a friendly note to let you all know that Stitches East is happening in Hartford this weekend Oct 11-14 (that’s today – Sunday)!  Mom, Katie, Colleen and I will be there Saturday morning stocking up on all kinds of yarn treasures and projects we’ll probably never finish, but we’ll have a great time doing it.

If you plan to go into downtown Hartford on Saturday, be aware that the Hartford Marathon is also happening on Saturday which means most roads and direct routes to the Convention center are closed – – start planning an alternate route in! Here’s a link to the Hartford Marathon website with details and maps on the road closures.

UPDATE: Download this PDF with instructions on the best way to the convention center despite the road closures

A few purchases from last year’s trip!

The Madelinetosh wound up being the Thermis cowl.

The basket I still use often to store my stash, and the Isager yarn….yeah that hasn’t been touched. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad!  I’m learning though – this year I am spending some research time in advance.  I’ve been looking on Ravelry to pick out some great patterns first, then I’ll go pick out the yarn at Stitches. No impulse purchases….(yeah right)!

3 Comments on “Stitches East

  1. Have fun! I wish I wasn’t working the night before. Sleep must trump knitting at times. I’ll be with ya’ in spirit, though! (Love the last line of your post. True.)

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