No progress on any knitting project since Friday, I’m starting to feel like the biggest slacker around. Especially after seeing all of your gorgeous projects, and since I have an overachiever of a sister who is already working on her second sweater!  I am so behind. My lack of progress my also be in part to the fact that I’ve cast on another project.

The pattern is Asunder, and at first I did feel a little guilty for having cast it on and working on it instead of focusing solely on Aidez, but as time goes on I have found that this is the perfect project to have on the needles at the same time. Aidez is a lovely pattern but it has a lot of cables, and while I’ve gotten the hang of it and I don’t have to watch every stitch on every row, it’s not quite as mindless as good old garter stitch. So I have been picking up Asunder after every few hours of working on Aidez – just to give myself a break. Or I’ll pick up Asunder when it gets late in the evening and my eyes start drooping. For me, that is never a good time to knit a project that requires even the littlest amount of concentration because it always ends in mistakes.

The yarn is String Theory sock yarn. It’s a great yarn, absolutely no complaints with it and I would definitely buy it again. They have some really great colors too.  I was able to pick this up at one of my LYS, and while the price looks a little high ($26/skein) there are over 400 yards per skein!

So fess up fellow Nice & Knit-along friends — who else is two-timing their knitting projects??…or maybe even three, or four-timing?

7 Comments on “Two-Timing

  1. That is such pretty yarn. BTW, what do you call it when you are not only 2 timing but more like about 4 timing. Is that a phrase that works? Ooops, looks like I am taking on some of the traits of my daughters! or maybe this is where they got it from.

  2. I love the MC that you are using, interested to see the contrasting color.
    I was doing something worse than 2 timing- I was only favoring one project. But tonight on our rude down to the shore I officially plan on casting on my fall sweater KAL. Can’t wait to get started!

  3. Um, 5 timing, I think? I’m pathetic, I know. A sweater for Nora, binding off a birthday present for a dear friend, working on my future niece’s baby gift, a garter rib afghan, and an Umaro afghan. And loving every minute of my scattered mind…

    • Tanis — the ladies at the yarn shop mentioned it’ll be a great nursing shawl, I’m just sayin’…..something you might be interested in now ;) Congratulations again. Very happy for you!

  4. let’s see….3 wip,with the next cast-on being chosen shortly.i’m working on fingerless mitts and a cellphone case that hangs around my neck,both are my own creation.the moccassin socks are from elizabeth zimmerman,but it is the first time i am doing them with sockweight yarn instead of worsted. i just finished mittens of my own design,ready to become part of a trio. so,it will either be trio element #2,a xmas present or something needed by someone that goes on the needles next. whatever my scattered mind settles upon….

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