Time for Us

This is posting about 12 hours after I had hoped to get it up, but hey, it’s still Monday so I didn’t miss my deadline. A couple of shots from a really great weekend in NYC this weekend.  It’s funny how amidst the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps, I am able to really relax and forget about the real world for awhile. It felt great to take some time, just my husband and I – no work, no email, no agenda, no cares.

This tasted as fabulous as it looks. Starbucks really needs to start doing this.

A very cool stained glass window outside Chelsea Market.  Such a beautiful color palate.

Here I grow – 1/2 way there!  We walked The High Line – something I’d recommend checking out if you’ll be visiting anytime soon.


I got a lot of knitting done on Friday during the car ride down. I’m almost ready to bind off the back of my sweater, but since Friday my knitting has gone untouched.  Once I’m settled back into my work routine I’m sure I’ll find a few spare minutes to pick up the needles!

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