It’s a…

Mini Stanley is no longer just a Mini, she is now a Miss Stanley! My husband and I are both so over-the-moon and excited.  I kept the date of our appointment a secret from my mom and sisters and then invited them over for a ladies lunch yesterday.  They all figured it out pretty quick!

After the appointment I ran to Whole Foods for the flowers, they always have the best fresh cut flowers!

Then we sat and knit together awhile. It felt good, I haven’t taken a day off work in quite some time and it’s now feeling long overdue.  I even shut my email off on my phone for the day and I felt like I could just breathe, nice deep breaths – stress free. That is going to be a new rule for days off!

Another day off today and then heading down to NYC tomorrow for the remainder of the weekend. I am having the most fun I’ve had in a long time!

Also, need to give a shout-out to Alison who has a birthday today. Happy Birthday lady. Love ya. See ya later tonight!

12 Comments on “It’s a…

  1. Speaking from experience, little girls are the sweetest things! :) Congrats! And your sweaters are AMAZING! I would be beside myself with joy if or when I can knit something that gorgeous.

  2. We are happy to know of our little granddaughter and it was great to have the date a surprise. Fun luncheon! The flowers were a dead givaway :-) Happy Birthday, Aly!

  3. So we are just slightly excited over in this house! You have a 9 year old niece who is brushing up on her babysitting skills already.

  4. Congrats! Girls are great! Just ask your dad ;-)! Good luck to Matt…if he follows Pete’s rules he just needs to say yes.

  5. From the colors of some of the things you’ve knitted, I thought for sure it was a boy! You probably wouldn’t mind either way — as long as it’s healthy. Congratulations!

  6. :) thank you for the birthday wish! I can’t wait to meet your little lady. I’m so glad “Harry” already has a girlfriend and doesn’t even know it yet!

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