Nice & Knit-along: Motivation

Terra Linda and Aidez: Complete!

Thanks to our sister Betsy for photographing our finished sweaters!

Kara’s Terra Linda knit in Madelinetosh Vintage ( William Morris colorway ) is  stunning!  It fits perfect, and can even be left open to make way for “Mini Stanley.” 

The lace work is beautiful and adds interest.  The pattern is genius, and very fast. 

If you see me around town, chances are I’ll be wearing Aidez.  I love it.  Finally, I have a finished object that I can really love with out picking apart the fit, the yarn or my mistakes.  I would knit this again!

I did modify the pattern length, and also changed the sleeve design.  I am happy with the results of both. 

We are making some updates to the blog as well, so you will notice some changes in the next week!

It is so enjoyable to see progress on everyone’s sweaters!  We will be doing a Knit-along Friday progress blog post…so upload those photos to Ravelry or email them here!

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