Nice & Knit-Along: Kara’s Progress

I cast Aidez on – not Saturday morning like I had planned – but Saturday evening. I really like the pattern, it takes a little concentration at first to watch every row and every stitch, but once you’re about 1/2 way through the first pattern repeat you really get the hang of it and it goes quickly! On Ravelry with the pattern there is a photo of  part of the original sweater cabled incorrectly, I’m afraid I’ve made the same mistake but I’m struggling to really tell if I have or not — which means no one else will notice and I’ll keep knitting!

I’m really happy with my yarn choice too, I am using Plymouth Select Superwash Merino which is a worsted weight yarn. Because I’m using worsted weight, I went down to a size 8 needle (from a 10 1/2) and also I’m making a size small instead of an extra small that I would normally make. Luckily, Katie has already tested this formula with her Aidez, which is beautiful!

We have a comment from Nancy who was looking for some yarn advice on this pattern, so here goes… I am thrilled with my yarn choice but if you’re unsure about changing the needle size and making a size or two larger, I’d recommend sticking with the original 10 1/2 needle with bulky weight yarn. I caught a glimpse of my sister Colleen knitting with some Malabrigo Twist this weekend — it is NICE, extremely soft and luxurious feeling. I’d highly recommend it for this sweater.  Technically it’s called a heavy worsted but I think it would work really well for this sweater. For sizing, I have  heard that the original pattern that the arms do run a bit snug so if you’re worried about that I would make the next size up.  I’m not sure how tall you are, but Katie and I are both very petite, so we made/are making the body of the sweater shorter than the pattern recommends as well (stopping around 15″).  Best of luck!

6 Comments on “Nice & Knit-Along: Kara’s Progress

  1. I hate to be the fun crasher, but yes, your cables are crossed incorrectly. Looking at your picture, start at the very beginning of the left diamond point and follow the “line” that moves up and to the right. At the beginning that line is *under* the other line. Now follow it up to the next intersection. The line we are following should be *OVER* here and then it is correctly *under* at the next intersection. Every diagonal line in every direction should alternate being over and under. I hope that makes sense. You really can’t fault yourself for the error, since it is the same error made in the picture on Ravelry. ;-)

    • Yup, it’s wrong. I did see that after I posted, but I’m leaving it. It doesn’t bother me enough to take it out. The rest will be correct :) Thanks!!

      • I checked out some of the other pictures and some people just stuck with crossing them this way so they all looked the same–they wouldn’t be “wrong” if you did it on purpose, hehe.

  2. I’m with you, Kee! Go for it and enjoy the unique nature of it. ‘Never would have noticed- and it makes us newbies feel a little better about our own mistakes…

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