Ready to Go!

Just one more day until we officially start the Nice and Knit-along!

I have my yarn and pattern in hand and I’ll be casting this on when I wake up for my Saturday morning ritual of coffee, knitting and quiet time.  I will be making Aidez, after seeing the beauty of Katie’s finished object. I can’t wait to get crackin’….errr I mean knitting!

Don’t forget to post your progress, pictures, questions or frustrations on our Ravelry Forum. We’re all in this together!

I am all ready to go as well!  (Katie – aka cheater pants)  I am knitting Terra Linda!  I love love Kara’s finished sweater and need one myself!  Kara finished Terra Linda in 3 weeks – I am hoping to do as well!   I also want to mention that it took Kara that short of time, while also having a very full time job!

We will keep you updated!  Have a great Nice & Knit-along weekend!

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