Cheaters Never Win.

After work last night I decided to cast on my fall sweater nice and knit-along project.  I got a bit carried away and kept right on knitting – IN THE WRONG SIZE!  I can not keep going, because I do not have enough yarn, and the pattern has plenty of positive ease, that I do not need a larger size.  Bleh.  Our Nice and Knit-along officially starts on Saturday, not Tuesday night.  See – cheaters never win.

Oh well.  It was relaxing to sit and knit with a cup of coffee and my family around.I love the glazed pecan color of Madelinetosh and the pattern is a beauty.

I also finished seaming Aidez!  It is officially complete.  Kara and I are getting together soon for finished photos.  I found these beautiful seaming pins in Mystic CT this past weekend.  They made a world of difference while sewing the sweater together. 

I was very pleased with my finished seams.

The Rosewood Seaming Pins are made by Bryspun in Eugene OR.

Now, I have to go rip out my knitting!

7 Comments on “Cheaters Never Win.

  1. I had chosen a Kate Davies pattern called deco but when I knitted a sample yesterday the tension gauge needed was tiny tiny and I am not sure I can stick it so it needs a rethink.

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