Fall Motivation

I’m feeling very inspired, there is something in the air in the fall that motivates me to find my inner Martha Stewart.  The fall, crisp, clear air and the fact that I got the latest issue of LIVING magazine in the email this week have gotten my creative juices flowing.  I’m ready to be decorating, cooking, cleaning, organizing and knitting.

I started with a walk in the woods on Sunday but really, all it took was about 5 minutes at the edge of the woods to find these goodies.

Then I turned them into a fall centerpiece for my dining room table.

Goldenrod, Crab Apple branches, branches with dried leaves

While I was out spelunking I grabbed a bunch of dried branches for another arrangement, also inspired by a project I saw in LIVING magazine. Arrange a set of branches then wrap brightly colored yarn or roving around parts of the branches and voilà!

I used some green/brown, bright yellow, soft yellow, dark orange and red.

Fall Colors

A couple things I might change about this even as it sits in my living room:
– the yarn I picked doesn’t show up as well as I had hoped against the dark branches. I might either swap some of these for brighter yarn or just add a few more places with some brighter yarns
– I was very concerned about overdoing it and adding too much yarn, but then looking back at the pictures in the magazine I could definitely add some more  and I think I might!

Still a very fun, easy, and quick project!

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