Nice and Knit Along!

Kara and I have been knitting our fall sweaters, Aidez and Terra Linda.  Because we started at the same time we motivated each other to keep knitting – it worked beautifully.  Kara completed her sweater in 3 short weeks, and I am just about done myself!  Now we want to knit with you!  We are starting a Nice and Knit Along!

Our goal is to complete our sweaters for Thanksgiving day!  Plenty of time to complete a beautiful fall sweater!  Start searching for patterns and yarn now — official cast on date is the first day of fall, September 22nd. We’ll use our Nice and Knit KAL forum on Ravlery to help with questions, share pictures, track our progress and motivate each other.  Join us!  We’re so excited to see all of your creative ideas!

We’ll be posting pattern and yarn ideas in the next couple of days.  Do you have a favorite pattern that you have been dying to try?  This is the time!

13 Comments on “Nice and Knit Along!

  1. Ooo, wish I could join in! But I have to knit for the craft fair we have in November! At least I managed to finish one sweater for myself this summer… ;)

  2. I have my yarn and my pattern looking forward to the challenge and following everyone else on ravelry.

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  4. This is just what I need to get me going…I’ve been thinking about an afghan but that sweater pattern that emcool has picked out looks really nice!

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