Sewing Saturday

I had a very uneventful weekend which couldn’t have worked out better for me. Friday night consisted of me casting on (and making a ton of progress on) the Terra Linda Cardigan. Saturday was all about sewing my very first quilt and it took just about all day. I know, I know my life sounds uber glamorous but please, don’t be jealous…instead, you can send sympathy cards to my poor husband. Anyway, here’s how it turned out.  I’m pretty happy with it considering this was my first and I did this without any instruction…but maybe you already knew that just by looking at it!

Is it perfect? No way!  There are places where the seams align like this

and others where they align like this. WHOOPS!

I don’t think Mini Stanley will know the difference and I’m pretty sure it’ll keep him/her nice and snuggly and warm all the same. I’m going to wait until we find out the gender to finish the backing, edging and top stitching on this. I’m already planning my next quilt!

3 Comments on “Sewing Saturday

  1. Kara, you did an awesome job on the quilt!! I love it!! And don’t worry one bit about the (not even noticeable) slightly imperfect seams, your new little one won’t mind a bit, what matters is all the love that went into it for that precious baby, So happy for you and Matt!

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