Salsa & WIP

Last week I found a great canning book called You Can Can, a Better Homes and Gardens Special Edition  It is filled with great tips and recipes.  I combined a few different recipes in this book and added some ingredients for my own salsa,  I wanted to try including corn this year, and I really love how it came out.

I am thoroughly enjoying knitting Aidez (again).  I made a lot of progress this weekend, I love the feel of the Madelinetosh Vintage with the squishy cables. 

I hope you all enjoy the last full week of summer vacation!

6 Comments on “Salsa & WIP

  1. I’ve yet to find a canned salsa recipe that I like. I don’t appreciate the vinegar/lemon flavor that you need to add to not kill yourself with botulism or something horrible. On the plus side, I did make the first batch of fresh tomato pico de gallo last night, straight from the garden. Very tasty. Also I picked up the knitting needles for the first time in a few weeks. I think my knitting injury has finally subsided (fingers crossed!)

  2. Due to the addition of ingredients such as corn it seems like this would not be a safe recipe for a boiling water canner. I recommend getting some pH test strips and testing it out. You need to maintain a pH of 4.5 or less for safe water bath canning. Tomatoes are about 4.5. Corn can be as high as 7. An excellent resource for the science behind the art is Putting Food By. I tried a similar recipe and tested the pH. It was 6.2, yikes! That went straight into the fridge. Sorry to be a downer, but botulism would be worse, right?

    • I was scared for the same reason – but in this book there was corn in the recipe as well, so I followed the cooking time for the corn addition, so I thought I was okay…sounds like I need to look into this more. I appreciate your expertise!

      • If you have access to a pressure canner you should probably be okay to reprocess. Perhaps you can call your local cooperative extension for advice.

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