Aidez II

I have been searching for a sweater pattern to knit this fall that I can wear with everything.  I have yet to knit a sweater that I throw on everyday as a layering piece.  A few years ago, I knit the free pattern from Berroco, Aidez, by designer Cirilia Rose.  I love the pattern and I really enjoyed knitting it the first time.  I just hate the yarn I chose.  I do not think that I have worn the sweater once.  I used Cascade Eco Wool, which makes a great afghan, but is way to itchy and scratchy for a sweater.  There are hundreds of Aidez projects on Ravelry made out of this same wool, I wonder how many actually wear the sweater.  (maybe I am just too picky)

So, I really want to knit Aidez again, but do not want to make the same yarn mistake.  What chunky/bulky yarns have you used and do you love any of them?  I am also undecided on color.  I am considering a golden yellow, but also love a classic gray that I can wear with anything.  Help me decide!

Most people indicated on Ravelry that the sleeves were too tight – I also followed the pattern with the same result, another reason to re-knit this great pattern.

So help me out with color and
yarn selection!

11 Comments on “Aidez II

  1. I like gold especially for fall! What about berroco weekend? I don’t know if it will work with that pattern but I love the feel of it and how it hangs!

  2. What a beautiful sweater! Such a shame you can’t wear it! I love that golden color, but I think you should go with gray so you can wear it all the time!

  3. Both colors are beautiful! Maybe consider Madelinetosh Chunky? Don’t know what your budget is, but that is some gorgeous yarn. I love my Aidez, too – which I knit in the Eco Wool – but I use it more as a fall/spring jacket, which works with that woolly, woolly yarn!

  4. I am really loving this pattern and think I may be copying you. I really loved knitting with Berocco Vintage Chunky. I made Jaidens owl sweater with it and I don’t think it’s too itchy. Also it doesn’t pill much either. I would do grey ( of course :) )

    • ahh..good recommendation! I forgot about that option! I love madelinetosh, but that would be much more cost effective…the other reason I am hesitating with madelinetosh is the color variations between skeins on this large of a project. I also thought of Quince and co – but no color is hitting me over the head ;)
      I know vintage has some incredible color choices….and Webs is calling my name!

  5. I’ve had trouble finding non-itchy chunky yarns that don’t pill. I am always on the hunt for great chunky yarns!!

    As for color, I think golden yellow is the bolder choice. When working with my oil paints Yellow Ochre is actually one of the key base colors used for mixing and achieving various tones. I think the color will go with a lot more than one would think and be a great staple piece! :)

  6. Quince and Co Osprey has been used by a lot of people on ravelry as well. I have some and it is surprisingly soft for wool. I’m debating knitting Aidez or Solstice with it. They’ve got some nice yellows like Carrie’s Yellow. Or Chanterelle is a nice grey. In Vintage, I think sunny is close to your yellow and would be really nice. Now I’m inspired!

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