Knitting Display

My knitted afghans are all over the living room floor most of the time.  I had an idea to keep them tidy and display them beautifully at the same time.  A simple towel bar did the trick.

I found this towel bar at Home Goods for $12.00.  I’d prefer a double bar, but I am very impatient and usually buy whatever is readily available.    I think it is great to be able to change up the decor with a quilt as well.  Add a punch of color.

I already mentioned my lack of patience.  I tried to hang the towel bar myself.  Not a good idea, and I knew it at the time!  This is an especially bad idea when your husband is a builder/carpenter/perfectionist. 

I am so happy he is also a very patient man and a great fixer.

9 Comments on “Knitting Display

  1. Sadly, you had a very impatient teacher also. Sorry! (Honestly though, I don’t remember ever making it look THAT bad ;-) Kev did a great job of covering it all up.

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