Livingston – Cast On

I cast on a new project last night – one I am very eager to get rolling on!  The pattern is Livingston and simply just adorable.  Here’s how impatient I am when starting a new project:  I really wanted to make a 3 month size so that when my little bean is born it can wear this gem right away, but it turns out in order to make that size I would need a size 4, 16″ circular needle.  The closest I had was a size 4, 24″ circular….so what did I do? Starting knitting the 12 months size, of course. I just couldn’t wait and the yarn was calling my name. I wonder how my patience will fare when I can’t actually wear this on my baby for a whole year…..I didn’t exactly think that one through last night.

I’m using Malabrigo Arroyo in this really beautiful smoldering gray.  I greatly underexposed these pictures on purpose because it felt so moody and really highlighted the different tones in the yarn.

The rib pattern is nice too. It’s done done by p2, k1tbl. I haven’t done it before but it gives a nice stretchy ribbing.

I’m taking a few days off later this week and will be spending a few hours in the car — ‘gonna let Matt drive so I can work on this!


7 Comments on “Livingston – Cast On

  1. OoOoo I really love this pattern. I checked it out on revelry….I might have to make this for jaiden for this fall/winter. Such a cute pattern ( and the malabrigo makes it that much better!!)

  2. Looking awesome!You’re starting to make me nervous… I’m afraid you’re gonna’ cast on the same project that Aunt Betsy has in mind for Baby Stanley! Love this sweater!

  3. You’ll be happy to have a larger sweater to dress your little one in at the one year mark. I found all the hand knits and cute gifted outfits sort of petered out by that point. Your little one will get more use out of the larger size too. Love those moody photographs.

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