Loving Mistakes

While on vacation last week I was knitting a cardigan in a lovely Malabrigo sock yarn.  I had knit 12″ on a size 4 needle when I realized that I had cast on WAY too many stitches.  I knew that it did not look correct, but I had the gauge I wanted, and kept right on knitting.  I was going to rip it all out, but decided to make lemonade from lemons. 

I am now making a summer tee with a sideways knitted construction.  The front is a cabled pattern that I found in the Debbie Bliss Coastlines Book.  It is a lot of cabling and different stitch patterns so I am glad that I am only doing the pattern on the front.  The back will be my attempt at a standard cardigan – turned sideways.

Hopefully this turns out as planned, but at least it is worth a try!

This is the cabled sideways knit sweater that gave me the inspiration.  The needle size and yarn are much smaller and finer than the Debbie Bliss sweater, I am hoping for a less chunky look.  The book can be found here:
http://www.debbieblissonline.com/Book.asp?bid=41 and the yarn is Malabrigo Persia.


7 Comments on “Loving Mistakes

  1. I was wishing you were at the Cape this week to help me fix a mistake, so I didn’t have to spend time ripping it out…but at least I had a a nice view of the water while I was doing it!!

  2. Good luck! It looks great and I love the color! I have yet to attempt my own cardigan without a pattern, but I’ve had the idea for one in my head for a long time. Just a matter of finding yarn and being brave enough to take the leap.

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