Just a Little Excited

I got a new camera and I’m beyond excited. it’s a beautiful thing.

this is an iphone photo, taken before I opened the box

I ran to Betsy’s house to show her and borrow a CF memory card. She showed me a few tricks and let me borrow my beautiful niece and nephew as models (they’re used to it).

When I got home I photographed a few projects, old & new.

Mystic Comfort Pillow

This means I’m selling my old camera! I had previously used a Canon EOS XSi. I’m selling this with the original kit lens 18-55mm as well as a 55-250mm zoom lens. I’m also including 2 camera bags and a memory card.  Looking to get $325 including shipping. Message me if you’re interested niceandknit[at]gmail.com

6 Comments on “Just a Little Excited

  1. I’m almost as excited as you! Such an awesome piece of equipment! (And you are selling your old one for a song…) Congrats! That blanket looks beautiful, btw.

  2. Enjoy your new camera! Noah is going to wish he waited just a little bit longer…that sounds like an awesome deal for your old one!

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