Trendy Devices

Kara and I have been at a conference for work this week, we have had some early mornings and late nights.  While at this conference I noticed (it’s virtually impossible not to) how many devices were present.  The number of iphones, laptops, kindles, and ipads far outnumber people.  The possibilities are endless for knitted cases and covers for all of these mobile devices.  I did a quick search on Ravelry and there are some great patterns for ipads, iphones, and laptops.  I’ve included a few of my favorites with the links listed below.

1.  Elsa

2.  Kindle/Nook/ ipad sleeve

3.  Laptop Sleeve

4. Kare Knits’ Signature Cable Knit iPad Case (oops…the image without a number is 4 :)

5. Cozy Bytes Laptop Cover

6. Moso Netbook Sock 

Next year at this conference I hope each devise I carry has its own hand knit sleeve or cover.  Who knows, I might meet some knitters that way!

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