Spicy Black Bean Burgers

Spicy Black Bean burgers have become one of our favorites. I would make them for myself for dinner during Matt’s busy season at work and they were a perfect meal for one. After perfecting the toppings and order of operations for burger assembly, I convinced Matt to try one and they’ve now become the perfect meal for two.

When I’m hungry, quick is key and these are quick. Ten minutes, tops – start to finish.   They’re also realllllly simple. As in, so simple I can’t believe I’m posting this as a “recipe” but I want to share because I like them so much. So maybe let’s think of this more as a product review, k?

There is very little cooking… if you can start a microwave and plug in a toaster you have all the necessary skills to make this. Just a couple of ingredients and you’re good to go.

Simply take a Morning Star Black Bean Burger and a slice of pepper jack and microwave for about 2 minutes.

Or, even better, you can toast the burger in the toaster for a few minutes until hot all the way through. This gives it more of a “grilled” texture.

Once the burger is done set aside and put an Arnold’s Sandwich Thins into the toaster.

These are only 100 calories and they also make a great bun for an egg sandwich!

When the burger and the bun are done start adding the fixings (tomato, avocado and sliced jalapenos) to complete the burger.

A great option to add to your summer BBQs!

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