My Day

I took today off and it’s only 10am but I am having a wonderful day already.  It started with a hike up Soapstone with Katie and my dad. It was an ideal morning for a little exercise – in the 60’s and sunny.

I took today off because tomorrow is this guy’s 30th birthday.

I’m having a little BBQ tomorrow afternoon so today is shopping for the food and prep day. Making sure my house is all in order so that tomorrow is a whole lotta fun & relaxation.

If you know Matt, you’ll know that he’s a shy guy, an extremely handsome wallflower of sorts. The fact that I am throwing a party in his honor takes him completely out of his comfort zone, but I want to celebrate him.

He probably won’t even want to read this post because it’s just not his style. If you know him and spent more than about 5 minutes with him, then you probably love him. Everyone does.  He has these really awesome one-liners with impeccable timing.

For me, he is the perfect balance of calm to my crazy, patience to my impatience, reason to my irrational and the cautiousness to my impulsiveness. He is the happy to my happiness.

Alright, enough with the mushy stuff. I have been doing a lot of knitting this week too.  I finished a project I’ll be showing you soon. It was close at the end, this was all the yarn I had left at the end of the project. I was sweatin’ it out the last few rows.

I am making progress on my Berroco Irmo Tank too! The back is done – onto the front. It’s moving along pretty quick!

Enjoy your weekend!

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