Speaking of Minna, she loves pizza.  I am sure we will be making some trips to our local pizza restaurants in the next few days (I think she misses the pizza out here as much as she misses all of us!)

I like to make pizzas on Friday nights for my family.  I usually use a basic homemade pizza dough recipe.

Then I top the dough with the most unusual concoction that I can dream up.  A favorite is the BLT pizza with a white sauce consisting of sour cream and seasonings.  Top with lettuce bacon tomatoes and last, but not least, french dressing.  Trust me on that one – it is great!

When I am in a rush, or I am feeding a crowd, I pick up a few ‘take and bake’ cheese pizzas at Sam’s Club add a bit more sauce, and throw on as many veggies as I can.  It tastes delicious and fresh. (and only costs $6.98 for a large)

Tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, olives, onions, peppers, peas, dill, salt & pepper.

I am looking forward to spending time with Melinda over pizza.  What is your favorite kind of pizza?

10 Comments on “Pizza

  1. Three guesses what she thinks we should order on the way home from the Providence Airport today. The first two do not count. And three guesses what I am ordering! Hey we can only spoil her so few times per year, right?

  2. And you don’t even realize how excited I am for the pizza tonight :) Isn’t it sad when I come home I think of all the foods I want to eat hee hee. Trying to figure out how to fit in a really good seafood meal too!

  3. I’ve been told before how lame the pizza is in the Midwest by an Easterner, but the best pizza to date I’ve ever had is at Pizano’s in Chicago. The crust is this crispy cornmeal stuff and the sauce is less traditional sauce and more fresh tomato-y sauce. The fact that I only get it about once a year makes it even more of a thrill when I get it. Chicago isn’t all mobsters and idiot politicians!
    I will concede we can’t compete on the seafood.
    And for the record, we feel lucky to have a Ryan girl in the Midwest!

      • I forgot to mention that your pizzas look fantastic! I tried a white sauce on a baked potato pizza once. If I remember right, it seemed a little dry or low on flavor or something. And I’ll confess, it was inspired by a pizza I had in CT. :) Is your sauce just sour cream and seasonings?

      • Well, it usually consists of whatever I have on hand…but sour cream and then I add some ranch sometimes for flavor – just a few tablespoons. If I make the baked potato I also add a sharp cheddar which helps with the flavor. Oh and always some seasoned salt.

  4. We also have pizza almost every Friday night. Our favorite is potato/bacon pizza with a white sauce (cottage cheese and sour cream). But, my favorite pizza is back home…yes, in the midwest! So whenever we go home, TJ’s Pizza has to be one of our suppers:)

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