A Special Visitor

My sister, Melinda, is coming into town tomorrow and I’m very excited to see her. It’s been awhile and I miss her! “The Ryan Girls” will all be back together again.

Melinda or “Minna” is the first one on the left in this picture.  She’s coming into town for my other sister, Betsy’s, college graduation. Betsy is the last one on the right.  Betsy has worked very hard and through many obstacles to get this degree. I am very very proud of her, but more on that later this week.

Last week, when Melinda saw my Dorflinger Tee, she somehow conned me into making one for her too.  The conversation went something like this:

Melinda: “How would you like to make me one of those Tees? I love it!”
Me: “Sure, buy the yarn, have it shipped to my house and I’ll start it for you so that when you get here you can pick it up and finish it. I’ll show you how”.

See the real arm-twisting it took? Love ya Minna, see you TOMORROW! Here’s the progress on your tee!

The photo is not at all accurate to the actual color.  I have trouble photographing blue with my iPhone.  Here’s a swatch of the actual color

No pressure Minna, but if you finish it before you leave on Saturday maybe we can get some FO (finished object) pictures!

4 Comments on “A Special Visitor

  1. I am so excited!!! Can’t wait to come out and can’t wait to see it and wear it, oh yea and finish it :)

  2. I always love it when my “Ryan Girls” are all together. Minna you have a tall order ahead of you this week finishing your Tee. Can’t wait to have you here!!

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