Wonderful Weekend

Busy place around our house lately.  Which means no time to knit.  Sigh…  Last night I crawled in bed and did two rows, and my eyelids began to droop immediately.

But planting keeps me almost as happy.  Okay, just as happy.  I finished the front yard, and hope to finish up the backyard planting in the next few days.  Kevin and the boys did all the edging and mulching which I appreciate so much!

Every year I try to plant something different in these front step urns.  Do any of you know the name of that great plant in the middle?  (I lost the tag.) The pinks are so beautiful and striking with the black pots.

I love to try new varieties and these little trailing lantana are my newest favorite!

Mandevillas are the best hot sun loving vine around.  I think they will always be a part of my summer garden.

There is still something to be said for a geranium in a black urn as well.  Yes, very traditional but a classic.

We also enjoyed a lot of time with friends this weekend, young and old.  I love summertime for the picnics, walks, bikes, fishing, gardens and most of all time spent with friends enjoying it all.  The boys had fun all weekend and could hardly wake up for school this morning.

Now back to planting and dirt :)


4 Comments on “Wonderful Weekend

  1. I can understand not wanting to get up this morning. We had a great weekend also, and got lots done and it just felt good to sleep in on this gray day! The flowers looks awesome and I like them better in person even!!

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