Dorflinger, DONE!

My Dorflinger Tee is done!

I am really liking this for a whole bunch of reasons but just to name a few…
– It was quick. ‘Took me a week from start to finish and I don’t think I worked on it every single day
– The fit, I adjusted the needle size but it turned out juuuust right.
– The lacework. I haven’t done this specific lacework pattern before but I really like it.
– It’s going to be versatile. I can wear this on a spring day, summer evening with a short sleeved tee underneath, or in the fall or winter with a long sleeved tee.  I can also dress it up or keep it dressed down with simple pair of jeans.

Project Details
Yarn: Berroco Peruvia
Color: #7120
Needle: US Size 10
Time: 1 week start to finish
Ravelry Project Page

Highly recommended!

17 Comments on “Dorflinger, DONE!

  1. Kara, that turned out so pretty. I would look really nice dressed up also. Looks like hard work to me, but I am sure it was not for you!

  2. Wow! I am so inspired by all your amazing knitted tees! I was just starving for a wearable project in the warmer weather, and I think I’m going to dive right into this challenge.

  3. Your tee came out beautiful. And the color is great because it will go with anything. Great job, Kara! Can’t believe it only took you a week to knit it.

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